TP-Link Router Settings and Configuration !!

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TP-Link wireless routers have the function of concealing the name of the wi-fi system, which can be done simply and quickly. The solution can help increase connection security and prevent harmful online hackers from circumventing system protection to find the indication and your private information. Wireless Online is still available but is not detailed on active relationships. See the next phase and learn how to leave the Wi-Fi system unseen on the China company’s wireless router. The procedure is done on the configurations website of the system, which can be utilized in any Web internet browser, both Windows , A linux systemunix and MacOS pc as well as Android operating system or iPhone ( iOS ).

Step 1. Connect your pc or cell phone to the wireless router, then open a web internet browser of your choice ( Google Firefox , Mozilla Firefox or any other). In the search bar, get into the unit’s IP deal with and press Enter to obtain accessibility to the configurations website. If you do not know the deal with, use the standard “” (without quotes) or discover the shocking truth below to find out;

Step 2. A sign in website will be shown. Use “admin” (without quotes) in both areas and simply select the key to get into the panel;

Step 3. In the left corner, simply select “Wireless” area and then on the “Basic Settings” submenu;

Step 4. Uncheck the “Enable SSID Broadcast” box and simply select the “Save” key to sign-up the changes to the wireless router. So your Wi-Fi system will be unseen to any system and will not be utilized by intruders;

By performing the above actions, your wi-fi internet will not be detailed on the available wi-fi relationships and probably all devices that were connected will be instantly turned off. Therefore, you must perform the following actions to find the Online again.

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